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FASHION / FASHION - 7 months ago

Gigi Hadid's Millennial Pink Coat Is Back In Stock

Try to think of two hotter phrases in the current internet lexicon than "Gigi Hadid" and "millennial pink." Time's up: They don't exist. Now just think about what happens when those two phenomena join forces. Can't even fathom? We'll tell you, becau...

FASHION / FASHION - 7 months ago

Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo for $1.2 Billion

Michael Kors is buying Jimmy Choo for £896 million ($1.2 billion), both brands announced Tuesday. Under the deal, each shareholder of the high-end footwear label will receive £2.30 ($3) per share in cash, WWD reports. The acquisition is a response t...

FASHION / FASHION - 7 months ago

Target's Lisa Frank Pajama Collection Is Finally Here

Lisa Frank has always been the source for amazing rainbow and unicorn-filled accessories and clothes, and now the brand's linked up with Target for the pajama capsule collection of your teen dreams. The full sleepwear collection comes in a full rang...